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12 May 2018 @ 10:12 am


Expect to see inside...

    + ranting, spazzing or the combination of the two
    + imitating to be an amateur philosopher
    + telling about the unsuccessful attempts to change the world

Fandom-related art posts can be found at fyrathilwen.

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Layout credit goes to butterflybox! Thank you very much.
16 November 2008 @ 12:39 pm
I want to go so far, far away.

I'd like to spend nights at dirty, cheap motels, trying to make drivers stop on the motorways, make them offer me a ride, listening to their stories, not even trying to analyze their personalities, or finding a way how to help them - simply for the enjoyment of listening to something new, something wonderful or terrible.

I want to weird situations, I want endless loneliness. Then changing this loneliness for the company of nameless, unknown people and again being alone, but not thinking about past, present, or anything.

I want to get shameless and then finding my own way, finding what I should do in my life; then I want everything to get chaotic and incredible, knowing that I'm the only one who could solve any problems, finding the way to some surrealistic light.

... then I want to come home and pick up the old life's rhythm again; which I can calculate better than any fortune teller, since I am affinitate enough to know what will happen next, and the negative events can never surprise me.

It's kinda boring living this way.

And it's kinda sad that I don't have the courage to change anything so radically.

... but I know that once I find someone who has at least as crazy mentality as I do, I won't hesitate to jump into the unknown wildness. I won't. Not even a moment.